One of the most popular questions I receive is “What are the Pricing and Payment Options?”

We accept all major credit cards, cash, checks and bank transfers. Please note that as a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon I do not accept any insurance or payment plans.

You may ask, why consult with Dr. Lebowitz regarding your Gynecomastia Surgery needs and concerns? The fact is I specialize in ONLY Male Specific Gynecomastia Plastic Surgery. I am patient centered, listen and attend to your specific individual Gynecomastia needs, concerns and wishes.

Additionally, I offer my patients at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, Long Island Gynecomastia Center world class skills, experience and results that I have developed over 30 years of practice and training at the top and finest medical training centers in the world. I operate at my safe, clean, and private office, using only Local Anesthesia with oral sedation. My staff at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery are professionals and experts at what they do. My practice focuses 100% on Gynecomastia Male Specific Plastic Surgery and has an outstanding reputation for the best Technique, Technologies and Results.

My results are guaranteed and the initial surgical fee encompasses EVERYTHING including a touch-up if requested, except for small operating room fee.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to the final pricing of your Gynecomastia Surgery. Such factors include the complexity of your Gynecomastia Surgery, the technique and technologies needed to give you the best results.

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