Dr. Lebowitz is an Expert on Cosmetic Surgery

Having had two very successful surgeries in the past year by Dr. Lebowitz, I wholeheartedly agree with all the complimentary remarks made on this website. Visits to his stunning office are a real pleasure because Dr. Lebowitz and Trudy are such warm genuine people who make you feel very special and immediately put any of your apprehension aside. You may count me in on agreeing that Dr. Lebowitz is a very professional expert on cosmetic surgery.

Teri N – 11/05/2014


Dr. Lebowitz is the Leonardo Da Vinci of his time. I am in my second week of recovery from having smartlipo (Addomen,Flanks,Back) My results thus far are astonishing. Can’t say enough abut his staff > Nancy and Trudy. Definitely recommend him, “AMAZING.”

Nelson M – 9/15/2014

I am beyond thrilled that I found Dr Lebowitz!

I am beyond thrilled that I found Dr Lebowitz! I was interested in botox & facial fillers for quite some time but finding the right Dr to do it was a challenge I never could have imagined. I went into Dr Lebowitz for a consult & KNEW he was a perfect fit for me after only a few minutes. I am ecstatic with my results! He did what I didn’t think was possible. Using a different technique from other Doctors (a canula) he literally reshaped my face using only injections. I call it a liquid facelift.. The results are amazing, I can’t stop looking at my face! And the best part, no one knows, my friends & family just keep telling me I look so ‘refreshed and healthy’, I look like I’m 20 something again and wow, I could just go on and on here but you get the point. If you’ve been looking, look no further, Dr Lebowitz is your man! Thank you so much Dr Lebowitz, you’ve truly made me HAPPY!

Meredith – 8/5/2014

I Cannot Recommend Dr. Lebowitz Enough!

I cannot recommend Dr. Lebowitz enough. He has done a fabulous job with facial injections and Botox for me . He uses a canula to rectify several serious problems I have and he has reshaped my face without surgery. He is also very kind and very wonderful to deal with. I am very, very happy with what he has done for me. Thank you, Dr. Lebowitz!!!!!

Sheila L – 6/15/2014

I Couldn’t Be Happier!

I have seen Dr. Lebowitz on three occasions and was extremely satisfied. His office is very clean and the staff members were professional and so nice. Dr. Lebowitz was very thorough in explaining the procedures to me and did not rush. The procedures were painless and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

Rosemary – 5/31/2014

What Can I Possibly Say About this Man?

What can I possibly say about this man? I went in for a procedure for my 5 year old and got a consultation of my own.What was so amazing was that Dr. Lebowitz took the time to call me for a follow up? REALLY??? YES!! The Doctor himself actually called me! Isn’t it usually the secretary that calls? He’s amazing!! He truly runs his practice with compassion and takes the time to contact his patients. Thank you !!

Lisa – 5/29/2014

“He’s not just a plastic surgeon-he’s a true artist !!”

“Doctor Lebowitz was my first consultation, and I was so impressed with his understanding and analysis of my particular concerns, that I didn’t hesitate to trust him with my procedure. The results actually exceeded my expectations. His staff was very kind and professional as well. I highly recommend Dr. Lebowitz. He’s not just a plastic surgeon-he’s a true artist !!”

I’m so happy!! Bat wings are gone!!

I inherited the dreadful bat wings on my upper arms.. So bad that I would be asked if I had a massive weight loss which I never had..I stopped wearing short sleeves because I was so embarrassed. I had lots of reservations about having a upper arm lift (brachioplasty) because of the scars I saw on YouTube. from various wonderful woman around this country who put their experience and follow up photos on there. Well, I had faith in Dr Lebowitz as I had used him to do a biopsy on my face and I never felt it and I cannot find where he did it. He is just so confident in his work and really listens .. My arm lift was so wonderful that even after only 3 weeks I could already tell the scars were minimal compared to what I had seen for that operation. Dr Lebowitz has a confident and artistic talent in his hands. I had complete faith in him and his abilities and I was not disappointed . It’s now been about 3 months and I cannot wait to wear short sleeves (and sleeveless) again! My arms look great and I am so thankful to him . The staff in his office were so nice and helpful with any questions I had also. I just can’t say enough. I’m so happy with the results!

– M.V. on Apr 9th, 2014

“Results are Excellent”

“I was very pleased with his manner and answers to my questions. He did a great job with my surgery and the results are excellent.”

– Joel carmanyJoelC

“First Class Surgeon”

“I have had the benefit of having several MOHS procedures closed by a first class surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz. Dr. Lebowitz understands that appearance and self-confidence are important to a person’s well-being. He enjoys improving patient’s lives through his surgical skills and a warm and caring interpersonal approach. Many thanks to my new best friend Dr. Lebowitz.”

– Trudi OakleyWatson

“Exceptional Plastic Surgeon!”

“After visiting many other doctors for botox and fillers, I was recommended to Dr. Lebowitz. First of all, his gorgeous office was unbelievably immaculate, and his staff was warm, greeted me with a smile and was truly caring. Dr. Lebowitz was the first Dr. who took the time to explain facial anatomy and what was available non- surgically to make me look and feel better and have a more youthful appearance. He was not pushy and explained all the different types of injectables and the reason for utilizing each one. I felt relaxed and Dr. Lebowitz spent as much time with me as I needed. He used what was called a blunt needle technique and I didn’t bruise after being injected with Radiesse and Juvederm. He is a terrific Dr. and truly and artist in what he does. I have gotten so many compliments on my appearance; I look completely natural. Dr. Lebowitz is the BEST!!!!!”

– Via Vital.com – Oct. 7, 2012

“Amazing Dr- one of a kind!!!!!”

“My 11 year old daughter recently had something removed from the bottom of her foot. We had another surgeon schedule Dr Mariel Eliza who was extremely unprofessional and should not be practicing medicine!!!! However, Dr Lebowitz saved the day. He came to the office the following day when he wasn’t supposed to be there at all. He was beyond accommodating, patient, caring and his staff was unbelievable. We had the most stressful situation turn into a great surgical experience. He is fabulous with children and overall is a great person. I would highly recommend him to anyone!! He is great at what he does!!!”

– Via Vital.com – Jun. 1, 2013

“Great Doctor!”

“I have been to Dr. Lebowitz for two reconstructive MOHS closures on my face with great results, you would never know that I ever had skin cancer! Dr. Lebowitz was always available day or night to see me or to answer any questions. Such a caring doctor!”

– Via Vital.com – Aug. 25, 2013

“Outstanding talented doctor/ plastic surgeon”

“I can’t say enough about Dr. Leibowitz. Not only is he very talented/ skilled but has a fantastic bedside manor. He is kind, companionate, caring, calming and very friendly (puts you at ease). Dr. Leibowitz drastically improved the appearance of a ” nose job gone bad” by another Plastic Surgeon years ago. I have had other procedures done and always more than satisfied with his work. Dr.Leibowitz did plastic surgery on a few of my friends after removal of skin cancer( on the face) and we all feel the same about his work..outstanding. I highly recommend this Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Leibowitz P.S… The office staff is great too!!!”

– Linda Posillico – Apr.26, 2013

DR. LEBOWITZ is a Rare Find; He is Wonderful!”

“I have seen Dr. Lebowitz 3 times now for injectable fillers (liquid face lift). He has impeccable expertise, talent and professionalism.; He spends time with you, explains everything and has an amazing eye for detail. I value his honesty and trust him. I have been doing injectable fillers with doctors for past 8 years and discovered to Dr. Lebowitz through a friend last year. The BEST!!! AAA”

– Via Vital.com – Apr 5, 2012

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